• Passport (with a minimum of 6 months remaining as of date of departure from Brazil)
  • Insurance (travel, health, hospitalization, hospital transportation) Recommended: baggage loss, dental, etc.

  • Tourist Visa (destination Brasília and Abadiania, Goias, Brasil)

  • Copy of Passport (ID Information and Visa pages) store in an alternate place from your passport in case your passport is lost.

  • Airline Tickets

  • Copy of Airline Tickets Pages - (store in an alternate place from your passport in case your passport is lost)

  • Your print out of “Guide to Casa” ( Grace has a copy for your after your reservation) 

  • White Clothes while visiting the Casa – White pants/shirts for men; white dresses or white tops with white skirts or white pants for women. White underwear for both.

  • Cash (Traveler's Checks are not welcome) with Money Belt/Pouch For Passport and Cash

  • Credit Cards

  • Emergency Phone Numbers In USA

  • Business Cards

  • English to Portuguese Dictionary and Phrase Book 

  • Photos of Family and Friends 

  • Money for their Herbs

  • Ear Plugs (if you sleep lightly)

  • Neck Travel Pillow for Long Flights

  • Eye Masks to Block Lights on flights and when sleeping during the day after Spiritual Operation

  • Sweatshirt, Sweater or Light Coat

  • Lightweight Casual Clothes for Evenings and Meals

  • Swimsuit & Cover Up for Sacred Waterfall

  • Casual Shoes and Sandals

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat For Sun/Rain

  • Sun Block

  • Pen And Paper

  • Light Reading

  • Alarm Clock

  • Watch

  • Flashlight

  • Umbrella (During March - September Rainy Season)

  • Personal Toiletries: Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner, Toothbrush, Tooth Paste and Floss, Shaving Supplies, Body Lotion, Feminine Hygiene Supplies, Wash cloth (Towels are provided),

  • Cosmetics

  • Laundry Soap (If You Wish To Do Hand Laundry)

  • Camera/s

  • Vitamins, Herbs, Remedies, etc.

  • Books, Cards, Music, Etc.

Note: It may be best to avoid Electrical Appliances such as Hairdryers & Razors when possible. Brazil’s Power is: 220volts/50 Hertz and a plug adaptor and power converter are required if your appliance runs on 110 Volt/60 Hertz power only . ​

Grace Mukta Delgado
TEL: 1 (760) 688-2233
EMAIL: gracemukta@gmail.com


US citizens will need a Visitor’s Visa to enter Brazil.

If you wish assistance in obtaining your Visitors Visa, you may contact Natalie at:

Direct: (760) 688-2233

Email: natalie@gracemukta.com


What you will need to send Natalie:

  • Your valid passport, for a minimum of six months after your intended date of travel (regardless of date of issuance). Passport should contain at least two whole blank pages.

  • One recent (2in x 2in) passport-photo, front view, white background. Snapshots or computer pictures are not acceptable.

  • A money order from the U.S. Post Office (ONLY!) in the amount of $160.00 made out to the “BRAZILIAN CONSULATE”.

  • Cash, Personal Check, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check payable to “Natalie Solomon” in the amount of $79.00 for 15 day turn around VISA service plus $25.00 for postage to return your documents with your Visitor's Visa.​

  • A Copy of your Itinerary showing travel to and from Brazil, passenger name, itinerary, and arrival/departure dates.

  • A copy of your Driver’s License. (If your address is different on your License you must include an original statement of 2 different utility bills and or insurance statements with your current address as proof of residency.)


  • The process takes about 20 working days for the Consulate to process the visas and for Natalie to return your passport with your new visa.

  • Tourist Visas must be used within 90 days from the date they are issued or they become void. If you leave after 90 days, a new visa will have to be requested and new fees will apply.

  • Tourist Visas are good for multiple entries for the duration of the visa of 5 to 10 years.

  • Visas are activated on the date of the first entry in Brazil. Make sure that the Immigration Office stamps your passport at entry.

Please send all documents to Natalie.

​Please call her with any questions.

However, If you have the time and energy to do it yourself, you may go to:


(and follow directions.)

Travel Dates

October 9 - 22, 2016




12 DAYS (Accommodations, Healthy Meals, a Crystal Bed Healing Session, a Visit to the Sacred Waterfall, Healing Sessions with John of God  and so much more...)

(Please contact Grace Mukta if you are part of a group that would like to travel with her to John of God outside these dates.)

People that wish to get a feel for the best travelling options when traveling to Abadiania may search the internet for great bargains!


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John of God


Healing Journey with Terra Angels

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