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Abadiania, Brazil


It is estimated that more than 70 Entities work through Medium Joâo including St. Ignatius of Loyola (the founder of the Jesuit order), Dr. Oswaldo Cruz (credited with stopping the epidemics of bubonic plague and yellow fever in Brazil), an enlightened being named Emmanuel, and other deceased physicians, surgeons, saints, theologians and notable figures in their lifetime.

Some Entities have chosen not to reveal their identity. One particular entity has asked to merely be called ‘Love’ explaining, “If I told you my real name, there would not be a building large enough in this town to accommodate all the people who would come from around the world.”

Refer to the Casa Guide to read more about the Sacred Waterfall, the Crystal Beds and the Healing Current Sessions, which will be available to you throughout the trip. The accommodations are clean, rustic and simple. Each participant will have their own room and a bathroom with a shower (unless traveling with their better half and wishing to share accommodations). The meals are included and lovingly prepared by the pousada (hotel) staff. The food is simple with lots of cut up veggies and fresh fruits grown locally. If you are a vegetarian it is easy to feel well nourished. Otherwise, locally raised meat dishes are served on the side along with a veggie protein option at most meals. The pousada owners and merchants in the precious rural town of Abadiania are all working lovingly together to facilitate the Blessings and Healing Energies of the Casa. The thousands of people from all over the world coming every week to receive the Blessings and Healing Current Energies of Medium Joâo and the Casa de Dom Inácio will turn out to be quite an unforgettable experience.

The healing and transformation start the moment we make the commitment to take the journey. By saying our internal YES, we are allowing the Entities to start working our energy field right away. 

Be gentle with yourself. Things may escalate with you. Watch for the Miracles!

Whatever we want to heal or transform may come to the surface and amplify. These things are coming up to be released, to be transformed.

Take care, take naps, get to bed early, keep hydrated, eat nourishing foods, take time to relax, contemplate and meditate. Just observe, what comes up, be willing to release and surrender to the Love that resides within you. 

Thank God and the Entities for their help. 
Have faith! Pray! Be Happy!! Be Grateful! 
The Healing has begun...

The Journey

Healing Journey with Terra Angels

Casa de Dom Inácio

In 1978, John of God  moved his center to Abadiania, at the suggestion of Chico Xavier, creating Casa de Dom Inácio. It is a beautiful setting overlooking the nearby expanse of hills and valleys centered on the largest crystal out cropping in the world, a natural energy vortex formed by quartz crystal bedrock beneath the surface.

The Casa de Dom Inácio (the House of St Ignatius of Loyola) is a spiritual healing centre in Abadiania, central Brazil, Medium Joâo (also known as John of God) has worked here for over 20 years and has helped countless people achieve apparently miraculous healings of cancer, AIDS, paraplegia, blindness and many other serious or seemingly “incurable” illnesses.

Casa de Dom Inácio is a sanctuary of love and healing. The physical layout is well designed to accommodate the hundreds of pilgrims who gather there each day. The buildings are painted blue and white as John of God was guided to do in a vision of St. Ignatius and are surrounded by tropical fruits trees and beautiful flower gardens.

The main building is a large meeting hall with several large rooms attached where hundreds of people, coming from all over the world, sit in the Healing Current Energies of the Spirit Entities, John of God and the Casa Mediums.

​​John of God performs healings here, free of charge, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


The Entities, also known as “Spirit Doctors,” take turns inhabiting John of God’s body to perform miraculous cures and unconventional surgeries (i.e. from scraping an eyeball with a knife without anesthesia to pushing cotton-swabbed forceps up the sinus cavity.)

is a magical place with lush foliage, magnificent skies, tropical birds, and beautiful flowers growing wild on the hillsides. We have seen tiny monkeys, toucans resting on a tree, giant humming birds sipping from the tropical flowers, and brilliant butterflies at the Sacred Waterfall. The Casa is a place to slow down, relax, listen to the wind whispering through the trees, the chirping and sweet songs from the birds and for soaking in Mother Nature’s wonders. Leave home your electronics and your busy schedules and surrender to the healing energies of quiet, calm blissful beauty.

If you are mentally willing and physically able, making the Journey to the Casa de Dom Inácio and allowing John of God and the Spirit Entities to help in your healing process is a golden opportunity not to be missed.  You will feel the love in the ‘Healing Current’ sessions at the Casa, with Medium Joâo (John of God), and many wonderful people from around the world. The Casa de Dom Inácio is a power ground where we learn about life, unconditional love, gratitude, forgiveness and pure joy.