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John of God

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João Teixeira de Faria, widely known internationally as John of God — or Medium João as he is known in Abadiânia, —  is a 73-year-old man who was born into poverty and often went hungry in his youth; he attended school only briefly, hence, he never learned to read or write and became a tailor at an early age. However, he was predestined to serve mankind in a more meaningful way.

The story goes that at age 9, he predicted that a sudden, fierce storm would destroy houses in Nova Ponte, a nearby village but the residents were quick to dismiss his premonition. Nevertheless, 50 houses were damaged by tornado-force winds and no one had a logical explanation.

His mission in life became more apparent when at age 16, João, tired, famished, and looking for a place to wash up, had an awe-inspiring vision of a beautiful woman down by a river. She directed him to a spiritual center and he complied with her request. However, once he got there, he quickly fainted. People say that “when he awoke, several hours later, an astonished crowd had gathered. They told João he had performed healings all afternoon. He came to believe that the woman he envisioned and who had guided him to that spiritual center was Saint Rita of Cascia, and that while he was unconscious, the spirit of King Solomon had taken up residence in his body and done the healing work.”

​Consequently, 52 years later, this humble Brazilian Medium continues to perform miraculous healings on millions of people from all walks of life, and as close as the town next door or from the farthest corner of the world.

​Most people who make the journey to the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil, come before him believing - or hoping at the very least - that they can find a solution to their ailment, be it physical, mental or spiritual, and that’s exactly what they receive.

John of God performs these services for free and takes no credit for any of it. Instead, he unassumingly states “I have never healed anybody. It is God who heals.”

​Once the person decides to take this leap of faith, all the Entities that work through John of God will manifest themselves to provide the necessary tools and procedures in order to restore the believer to health.

​​Other people come to John of God to confirm if these ‘miracles’ really do occur. Most of them, even though they cannot find a logical explanation, are in awe as to the things that happen before their very own eyes, and end up succumbing to the wondrous events. A counted few will remain non-believers, despite the wonders that they may have witnessed but cannot understand. It is of utmost importance for all our brothers and sisters to remember that ‘For the believer, no proof is necessary; for the non-believer, no proof is good enough.’

​Despite years of persecution and lawsuits for practicing medicine without a license, John of God has managed to help millions, including such high-profile politicians as the president of Peru, among others, and the mayors of assorted Brazilian towns; he has finally been accepted and even protected, and treated as a national treasure.

Meet John of God

Meet the Man Behind the Miraculous Healings